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Regardless of the business, whether it's making a product or supplying a service, the same old rule applies: time is money. Reduce one, increase the other and you've got efficiency. And that's what Metrix is all about.

Incredibly versatile, a fully bespoke system, Metrix pulls off the trick of collating and managing multiple elements of any given job, making the whole process easier to handle in a compressed, widely accessible, quick-reference bundle.

As such, whilst particularly suited to all aspects of the insurance claims business, which involves input from a wide number of parties, it can be used across a broad spectrum of industries.

More specifically here, though, Metrix is currently bringing untold efficiencies to:

  • Builder Repair Networks
  • Drainage Companies
  • Glazing Companies
  • Resoration Companies
  • Motor Claims Investigators
  • Building Validation Companies
And the size of the business doesn't matter. Metrixbrings considerable benefits to any company from the multi-national to one-man-bands alike.
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