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Metrix is a customisable, highly advanced web based claims management system designed specifically for the needs of the Insurance Inspection, Repair and Reinstatement market.  The system will enable you to streamline your business processes, achieve greater efficiencies and ultimately enable business growth whilst reducing internal costs.

With the Metrix Claims Management System from PJ Web, we can help you with all of the business issues outlined below.  For more information or to book a demo, please call 01204 328580 and ask for Sarah or Chris.

Management Information at your fingertips

Are you finding it hard to keep on top of management information?

It's a common concern for those who have to deal with a series of different claims at once. There are, after all, so many aspects to each job – liasing with insurers, sourcing suitable contractors, arranging site appointments with policyholders…the list goes on. But with Metrix on board, everything is managed smoothly every step of the way, with real time, in-depth, at-a-glance information (and action triggers) at your fingertips.


  • fully takes care of all Management Information reporting, according to the specific needs of you and your clients
  • enables swift scheduling of work
  • allows FNOL data capture
  • provides real time tracking of each claim's progress, including outsourced activity
  • features RED/AMBER/GREEN Key Performance Indicators and alerts throughout every stage of the claim's process
  • produces Internal documents easily
  • creates a library for central document storage
  • is completely 'customisable', adapting to your specific work processes – you choose exactly how much Management Information it needs to handle.
Meet your Service Level Agreements

Do you know whether you are meeting your Service Level Agreements?

It's not easy keeping everybody happy when each claim involves a multitude of different people. And where you have pledged to offer a certain level of service, working within pre-agreed time parameters, if you take your eye off the ball for a second, such agreements can soon fall down. The benefit of Metrix is that you can keep any number of balls in the air at once, catching them well in advance to prevent SLA damage.

  • features RED/AMBER/GREEN Key Performance Indicators and alerts throughout every stage of the claim's process
  • provides real time tracking of each claim's progress, including outsourced activity
  • ultimately frees up more time to hit more targets, enhancing service levels   
  • shortens the life cycle of any given claim, speeding up the process, allowing you to move onto the next job faster, exceeding customer expectations
  • incorporates a job scoping and estimating tool – comprehensive estimates can be built in minutes at (or away from) the desk
  • is web-based (accessible anywhere, any time), so communications are lightning fast, around the clock
  • helps reduce your costs – your customers get more, for less
  • far exceeds the most stringent safety/security mandates, building greater customer confidence.
Maximise the efficiency of your remote workforce

Know where your mobile workforce are at any time of the day

Too many staff 'on the road' too little control? Or too few staff and not enough hours in the day? With Metrix 'at the wheel', you can delegate more jobs to less people with pinpoint precision, utilising every working minute to optimum effect. Not only does it help you to tighten up on route planning and scheduling, it also allows faster feedback (via e-mail) to keep every aspect of the claim moving, even miles away from the office.


  • accelerates the entire claim process, creating greater job schedule capacity
  • reduces down-time spent on meetings and communications/reporting
  • promotes optimum route planning efficiency
  • we can even develop an optional mobile app, if required, which captures real-time data from site
Do more for less

I'm just not maximising staff productivity/operational efficiency

Strange but true that many companies still employ rows of people to key in claims information again and again throughout the day. Metrix does away with this practice at a stroke, enabling the workforce to concentrate their efforts in different areas, or seek a job elsewhere. Ultimately, Metrix squeezes down the time spent on each claim to the minimum, which gives you the capacity to handle more – and charge out more each week.


  • makes 'duplication of effort' a thing of the past
  • eliminates the need for re-keying information, freeing up time/reducing staffing
  • helps to prioritise the workload (by 'traffic lights') so that less 'slips through the net'
  • streamlines the entire claims process, increasing the capacity for more


Grow your business whilst keeping a lid on staff costs

My business is bursting to grow – but I want to keep a lid on staff costs

The good news is that business is booming. The bad news is that if you carry on taking in work, it could all slip through your fingers if quality of service starts to slide. You can do one of two things: bring more staff on board (more chairs, more office space, more wage bills), or employ metrix, the claims management system that costs nothing to set up and enables you to increase work capacity substantially, without changing your workforce numbers.


  • enables you to increase internal capacity without increasing your workforce
  • saves time on routine 'paperwork', allowing greater freedom to explore new, off-site opportunities
  • requires no set-up costs and ongoing fees are negligible – releases more investment potential elsewhere in the business.
Adopt a solution to suit you

I've been tasked with finding a claims management systems provider

There are many claims management system specialist out there, each one offering a more wonderful 'off the shelf' package than the next. Problem is, 'off the shelf' packages don't tend to cover all the bases in all instances – some do too much (and waste your money), others don't do enough, which still leaves gaps in overall efficiency. Metrix doesn't do 'off the shelf'; no two solutions are the same, but each one fits like a glove. So why waste your time trying others for size?


  • can be dovetailed to fit any business where there's a need for an effective claims management system, whether it's a huge builder repair network, or small, family-run glazing company
  • delivers instantly measurable efficiencies, with no set up costs and miniscule 'pay per claim' fees
  • is a highly advanced system, though easy to adopt with very little training
  • should ensure that you 'get a pat on the back' for finding the system (and a welcome pay rise!)
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