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Management Information at your fingertips

Are you finding it hard to keep on top of management information?

It's a common concern for those who have to deal with a series of different claims at once. There are, after all, so many aspects to each job – liasing with insurers, sourcing suitable contractors, arranging site appointments with policyholders…the list goes on. But with Metrix on board, everything is managed smoothly every step of the way, with real time, in-depth, at-a-glance information (and action triggers) at your fingertips.


  • fully takes care of all Management Information reporting, according to the specific needs of you and your clients
  • enables swift scheduling of work
  • allows FNOL data capture
  • provides real time tracking of each claim's progress, including outsourced activity
  • features RED/AMBER/GREEN Key Performance Indicators and alerts throughout every stage of the claim's process
  • produces Internal documents easily
  • creates a library for central document storage
  • is completely 'customisable', adapting to your specific work processes – you choose exactly how much Management Information it needs to handle.
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