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Meet your Service Level Agreements

Do you know whether you are meeting your Service Level Agreements?

It's not easy keeping everybody happy when each claim involves a multitude of different people. And where you have pledged to offer a certain level of service, working within pre-agreed time parameters, if you take your eye off the ball for a second, such agreements can soon fall down. The benefit of Metrix is that you can keep any number of balls in the air at once, catching them well in advance to prevent SLA damage.

  • features RED/AMBER/GREEN Key Performance Indicators and alerts throughout every stage of the claim's process
  • provides real time tracking of each claim's progress, including outsourced activity
  • ultimately frees up more time to hit more targets, enhancing service levels   
  • shortens the life cycle of any given claim, speeding up the process, allowing you to move onto the next job faster, exceeding customer expectations
  • incorporates a job scoping and estimating tool – comprehensive estimates can be built in minutes at (or away from) the desk
  • is web-based (accessible anywhere, any time), so communications are lightning fast, around the clock
  • helps reduce your costs – your customers get more, for less
  • far exceeds the most stringent safety/security mandates, building greater customer confidence.
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