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Metrix Key Advantages

Metrix is a system that's constantly evolving, because it is totally 'customisable'.  No two businesses are exactly the same and Metrix achieves different results for every customer. But the basic advantages remain the same:

  • Shortens life cycles
  • Eliminates re-keying of information
  • Incorporates a job scoping and estimating tool (comprehensive estimates can be built at desk or on site in minutes)
  • Swift work scheduling
  • Real time tracking of claim progress (including outsourced activity)
  • 'Traffic light' KPI indicators and alerts for each part of the process
  • Full Management Information reporting
  • Web portal access to system
  • Provides full audit trail
  • Centralised record of all communications (including photo and voice files)
  • Claim reserve and payment records
  • Internal diary and e-mailing system
  • Complaints and compliments management system
  • FNOL data capture
  • Easy production of internal documents
  • Library for central document storage
  • Easy adoption
  • NO up-front/set-up costs
  • LOW ongoing costs – runs on a 'pay per use' basis (typically £10.00 per claim)
The system is already used by several major insurers and suppliers, enabling highly effective procedures to instruct its supply chain upon first notification of a claim. This embraces software that ensures swift inspection and validation of claims - often within 24 hours - and same day settlement. The MetrixTM process has demonstrated far superior claim lifecycle times, compared to the current industry standards.

The impact is an extremely well managed portfolio of claims and a high level of policyholder satisfaction.

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